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PilotPoster.com Review – The Best Free Facebook Group Auto Poster

… And it is 100% Free

When I came to know about Pilot Poster, the free Facebook group auto poster, I thought it was going to be like the other Facebook group auto posters that I’ve come across. I didn’t care to give it a try.

Not until recently, when I was searching for how to auto post to Facebook Group,  then it came among the results available to me, I decided to give it a try then.

I opened a new tab on my browser and key in pilotposter.com, I browsed through the landing page to see if I’ll come across the words Upgrade, Premium or trial, so to know I’m not wasting my time, as I was not ready to pay to post to multiple Facebook groups (because I never joined too many groups in the first place). That was the moment I decided to give this service a try.

I signed up for the free facebook group auto poster, it’s been over 3 months now, and ever since, I have never been disappointed.

This is why I have decided to share and guide you through the process of using Pilot Poster, the free facebook group autoposter.

What is Pilot Poster

Pilot Poster (PilotPoster.com), is an online tool that posts automatically to Facebook groups and Facebook pages.

Pilot Poster was launched mid-2016 by Team Pilot Poster (According to the website) and has been serving thousands of users when it comes to Posting to Multiple Facebook groups and Facebook Pages.

I had a conversation with Team PP weeks back and I asked about the number of users they serve currently, though the exact number was not given, but I was told it’s around 10,000 active users.

Why Do I need to Auto Post to Groups on Facebook

I know many will be wondering why they need to auto post to facebook groups in the first place when they can easily post to groups manually.

Same goes to auto posting to facebook pages, facebook made it possible to manually post to groups and pages, so the question is, why use autoposter to post to Facebook Groups?

Auto post to Facebook group is not needed by everyone, so the service Pilot Poster and other related services render is definitely not for general consumption. I’ll quickly highlight those who need the service of a Facebook autoposter like Pilot Poster below.

What are the Features of Pilot Poster

This free facebook group auto poster is packed with premium features that you might not find in many paid facebook group autoposters.

1. Add Multiple Facebook Accounts

Pilot Poster lets you add multiple facebook groups to your account. This will enable you post to hundreds of groups under different facebook accounts. This means, you can send one single post to hundreds of facebook groups under separate facebook accounts.

2. Categorise your Facebook Groups and Pages

This is one the my favourite features of Pilot Poster, you can split your groups by categories, facebook does not limit you to the number of groups you can join, and many of these groups have different interests. It’ll not be ideal to post a wedding dress affiliate link to a group with sports as interest.

The engagement level will definitely below. To achieve good engagement and result from auto posting to multiple facebook groups, you need to post the right content to the right group.

Pilot poster has made it easy for you to separate groups based on their interests. This will mean you’ll be achieving a better result when you schedule posts.

3. Auto post Schedule Function

Pilot Poster enables you to post even when your computer is off, with the Post schedule function, you can pre-set posts and time intervals for your posting campaign. You do not need to be online or on the website everytime, all you do is schedule and relax.

4. Facebook Jail Protection tools

When you post to too many facebook groups at a very close intervals, Facebook might decide to flat you for some hours or day before you can use the group function on facebook. That period of ban is called Facebook Jail.

However, Pilot Poster auto poster has implemented some features to help you prevent Facebook jail. Among the feaures put in place includes;

  1. Ability to spin posts
  2. Ability to use Unique links & Unique Posts functions
  3. You can switch between Facebook accounts
  4. Auto Pause/resume posts after a certain number of posts
  5. Ability to switch between multiple facebook apps for auto posting.

You can read a full article on Facebook Jail here

5. Free Support

Pilot Poster Facebook group auto poster offers free support via chat and email. Whenever you encounter any issue regarding to PP, simply chat the support up or drop them a mail.

How to Create a Pilot Poster Account

The sign up process for Pilot Poster is simple and very straightforward, to sign up for Pilot Poster, follow the simple steps below;

sign up pilot poster

  1. Goto www.pilotposter.com or goto the direct sign up page HERE
  2. Click on the Sign up button on homepagefacebook group autoposter
  3. When the sign up opens, enter your unique username in the username field
  4. Enter Your password.

    Password should be a minimum of 6 characters. However, it is advisable to use a unique password that is hard to guess and that you could easily remember. You can use a mix of alphabets, figures and symbols to make it stronger.

  5. Enter your active email address in the email field.

    Ensure you enter an active email address as a confirmation link will be sent to complete your registration process.

  6. Click the Create New Account Button.
  7. An email will be sent to you automatically containing a confirmation link, click on the link and you’ll be redirected to Pilot Poster Login page with a message that your account is Confirmed Successfully.

You have completed your Pilot Poster registration process, now it is time for you to learn more on how to post to Facebook groups with this autoposter.

How to Login to Pilot Poster

Login in to Pilot poster is as easy as login in to any other service out there;

  1. Goto www.pilotposter.com
  2. Click on the login button
  3. A login page will open where you enter your email address and password.
  4. Click the Sign in button

Note: If you created an account and do not receive the activation link, simply read this article to have it fixed.

How to Set Up your Pilot Poster Account

Creating an account is one thing, then setting it up to start posting to multiple Facebook groups and pages is another entirely.

Setting up Pilot Poster isn’t too easy if you are not tech savvy. However, I’ll be guiding you briefly on how to set Pilot Poster up and how to use this Facebook group Auto poster.

Adding your Facebook Accounts

To auto post to Facebook groups, you need to add and authenticate your Facebook Accounts first on Pilot Poster.

I used Accounts because you can add as many accounts as you wish to the Facebook group poster, and you can also schedule a post to all of these groups at the same time.

In addition, the autoposter permits you to import up to 500 groups per Facebook account, and you can add unlimited number of Facebook accounts

To add your Facebook groups to Pilot Poster, you need to carefully follow the steps below;

  1. Goto Settings from the Main menu
  2. Click the Facebook Accounts option from the settings menuadd-update-facebook-account
  3. Click Add/Update Facebook Account button to add you first Facebook Account. A dialog box will pop up when you click this button
  4. Click the Authenticate the App Option on the pop window that comes up.authenticate-autoposter-app
  5. Now a new pop up will come up and brings up a permission page for HTC Sense App. Set the permission to Public and click Ok. Click OK again if it requests in the next page.
  6. The next step requires you to click the second option which is Get App Access Token. You’ll be redirected to Facebook developers page, copy the access token and paste it in the Pilot Poster access token field. (You might need to do this twice for you to see the access token).facebook-access-tokenAfter Pasting the access token, click the Add Facebook Account button.

You have successfully added your Facebook account to Pilot Poster, the Facebook Group Autoposter.

If you add your Facebook accounts successfully, all the Facebook groups and pages that you have joined and liked will be imported into your Pilot Poster account.

Authenticating Facebook Apps

The second phase of using this autoposter requires you to authenticate the Facebook apps used for posting.

Pilot Poster has about 6 Facebook Public Apps integrated by default, all you need to do is authenticate the apps you wish to post to multiple facebook groups and start posting.

To authenticate an app, follow the short guide below;

  1. From Settings, goto Facebook Apps
  2. Click on the Authenticate button
  3. Then you can follow a similar procedure to when adding your Facebook Account above.

You can visit Pilot Poster’s official documetation page to learn more about authenticating apps

How to Auto Post to Multiple Facebook Groups with Pilot Poster

The hardest parts have been completed, that is adding Facebook accounts to the autoposter and authenticating apps for posting to Facebook groups.

We are now in the most important aspect of it all, auto posting to multiple Facebook groups.

This facebook group auto poster is very easy to use and manage. All postings are done on the Home tab of the the app.

To Post with Pilot Poster, follow the simple steps below;

  1. Ensure you have added you facebook account and authenticated apps for auto posting
  2. Create and Preview Your Post.facebook-group-auto-poster
  3. Select Groups to Auto PostSelect the Facebook groups you would like to post. You can filter by category first before selecting the groups.


  4. Post Schedule Vs Instant PostingIf you are posting to few Facebook groups (Below 15), you can  use the Send Now option. However if you are posting to over 20 groups, it is advisable to use the Post Schedule function.

    The reason for this is because instant (Send Now) posting stops ones you close the browser or your internate disconnects.

    Post schedule on the other hand works fine even when you are offline. All you need to do is to plan your post, set your time and let Pilot Poster auto post to facebook groups and pages for you.


Conclusion: Pilot Poster is a free tool a whole lot of premium features. I have tested other free and paid facebook group auto poster and I must confess that Pilot Poster stands out among the rest premium features and support offered for absilutely FREE.

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