Top 10 coolest things we saw at CES 2017 (Part I)

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Another year, another CES. The Consumer electronics show celebrating its 50th year was as usual not short of innovation. The convention gets bigger and bigger each year and this year was its most successful yet. Companies like Intel, Samsung, LG, Sony and so many others were all present to Wow the world with each displaying their vision for the future of technology. CES 2017 was not short of thrill and excitement with things even going as far as Two of Razer’s prototype triple screen gaming laptops being stolen.

There were so many things at CES 2017, from things we expected to certain things that we could only dream about. Regardless we took on the strenuous task of ranking the top 10 coolest things we saw at the show. Even though we painfully had to leave some things out, we tried our best to pick out the best.


Xiaomi as a company is all about subtlety and attention to detail, this doctrine is beautifully represented in their new smartphone, the Mi Mix. The Mi Mix features a bezel-less body and goes for an almost edge to edge display surface area. An average smartphone with a 5.5” display dimensions usually about 155×78mm. The bezel less Mi Mix is able fit in a 6.4” display on the exact same size.

At CES 2017 Xiaomi said it will come with a quad core Snapdragon 821 at 2.35GHz with 6GB of RAM and storage going as high as 256GB. It also boasts a 4400mAh battery with a 16 mega pixel rear camera.


Case modding is a very common venture for PC users but you have never seen any like Project Snowblind. What iBuyPower have shown at CES 2017 is a transparent LCD display that is mounted onto the side of an NZXT case. What this does is allow you to display almost anything you like on the side of your case, from video to system diagnostics without obscuring the view of the components within. While we won’t see people going as far as using project snowblind as a monitor with its limited washed out 1280×1024 resolution, it will allow you to do some seriously cool things with your case.


Autonomous vehicles are nothing new but Nvidia made a statement and went ahead of the competition at CES 2017. As well as quoting reasons such as road accidents which cause loss of life, damage to property, emergency visits to the hospitals and insurance, all of which amount to billions of dollars annually, Nvidia argues that the use of autonomous vehicles shouldn’t be seen as a luxury but as a necessity.

The AI assistant on Nvidia’s BB8 is what is perhaps most impressive. It boasts features such as Face recognition, Head tracking, gaze tracking and lip reading. With 4 cameras that gives a complete 360 degree view outside, the voice over assistant give accurate information on oncoming obstacles and instructions on the outside or you could simply give it a command and relax as it drives you away safely.


Xiaomi followed a similar theme at CES 2017 by going almost bezel-less. However the Mi TV 4 has a bit more about it. The Mi TV 4 same with the Mi Mix smartphone is virtually bezel-less being as little as 4.9mm in width.

The Mi TV is also modular, placing components such as CPU and motherboard on a separate compartment. This connects to the TV via a single proprietary cable. This allows a very clean wiring arrangement at the back of your TV by allowing only a single cable running at its back rather than the several of most TVs today. It also allows you to very easily upgrade components for the TV. Need HDR on your TV? Simply get a Mi bar that supports it and you’re good to go.


Are you a long suffering Mac user who has not been able to play most games out there due to the OS version not being available?. Then rejoice for Nvidia has got you covered with Geforce Now. Geforce Now is an online gaming stream service. It does away with all the tedious downloading and installation by having you stream it directly from the cloud. Apple has long neglected its gaming audience but at CES 2017 Nvidia says it will be bringing its service to Mac.

The service connects you to a virtual PC running high end Nvidia graphics, the GTX 1060 or 1080. All you need is to download the software, pay for the service, have a good internet connection and you can enjoy all what your windows friends are playing on your MAC.


Sony’s Acoustic Surface audio is ridiculous. Instead of getting your audio from speakers or subwoofers, ASA generates sound directly from the glass. It does this by vibrating the display and allowing sound to output directly from the TV screen. This allows seamless picture and audio heightening the reality of the experience of whatever you’re viewing. This technology will also eliminate the need for one to go out and buy addition audio peripherals. By removing speakers from TV might even bring down the costs. We hope this is a technology that’s here to stay and not just at the CES 2017 show floor.

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